Mobile Pet Grooming Trailers for Dog Grooming, Cat Grooming and Pet Grooming.

Mobile pet grooming specifications, trailer. We recommend using trailers that are 12'6" in length and 6'9" in height (internal dimensions). Our experience with smaller trailers or vans is the reason we like to customize trailers of this size. The Signature salon is still small enough to maneuver around tight areas but give's you room to move around freely. For the Groomer that needs a smaller, lighter unit see our dimensions for The Eco 2 ( 6½ x 10) Grooming Salon.

Mobile pet grooming trailer specifications, wheels and tires.

We have found that two-axle trailers with electric brakes help eliminate the trailer sway that many experience with single axle trailers. The electric brakes combined with the brakes on your vehicle mean you have 8 sets of brakes slowing you down. This also helps prolong the life of the brakes on your towing vehicle. The Eco 2 Salon uses one Axle with Electric Brakes.

Our pet salons have no open areas to collect hair and dust. All cabinets have hinged doors with handles to allow easy access to all your supplies, towels etc. The last thing you need to be doing is cleaning up inside your cabinets and re-washing your towels because of all the hair trapped in these areas. Using our recommended trailer size's allows us to build all of these cabinets with doors and still have plenty of room to get your job done. View our Equipment Picture Gallery.

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