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My name is Lorie and I love our trailer.

When you make a decision to start grooming mobile I suggest getting the best right from the start.

I got online and started searching for mobile grooming trailers and when I saw the Ambers mobile grooming trailers site I started getting very excited at the thought of buying one. That was the best decision I every made but of course the hardest. We live in Oklahoma and the trailers are made in California how would I get it home if I bought one.

The first step was to call and visit with Jeff. He was so understanding of all the questions and concerns we had about what to put on and in the trailer. Of course it isn't easy to put your trust or money into something that is being made so far away but Jeff always came through with everything he said he would do. He made the process much easier than I anticipated.

This trailer is the most well thought out trailer on the market. The way the equipment is placed inside the trailer is unmatched. Jeffs wife Amber has been in the mobile grooming business for a long time and has thought out every detail to make it more user friendly. From the placement of the tub to the way the dryer is made in its own cavity on the outside, there really isn't much more room for improvement.

One of the best things about the Amber trailer is that the back door is opened by pulling it down which makes it easier to clean it out or to load really large dogs that are scared to go through the door. A few weeks after starting our business we set up at a horse show where many people bring their dogs with them. With the back door down people could see inside and stopped to ask questions which of course brought us plenty of business for two days.

The cabinets are top of the line. They are so sturdy and well made and of course we love how they come painted the color of our choice. The latches on the tool drawers hold them shut while we travel to our grooms. All of the equipment that comes with the Amber trailer is top of the line.

I want to say a few things about the workmanship. Many customers want to have a quick look inside the trailer and are amazed at how sound the trailer is put together, especially the men who have travel homes, they really appreciate the way the generator is quiet, where the tanks are placed, and the ease of the control panel. Of course, one thing I hear most is how the cabinets are made better than the tool boxes they have in their own garages.

When it came time to bring our trailer home we drove to California to pick it up which turned out to be a bit of a vacation. Jeff said he could make arrangements to get it to us but I'm glad we drove.

Both Amber and Jeff were so helpful and have continued to be after getting the trailer home. If you are looking into this please remember for the money, workmanship, and help you can't go wrong with an Amber mobile grooming trailer.

Thank you, Lorie / Groomer Girls

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